Cyber Church

The Cyber Church was initiated by Pastor Jerome when multitudes of believers reached out to the ministry of KRC from nations around the world. Thereby, Pastor Jerome appointed a Pastor within the Ministry of KRC to be solely responsible in tending to the diverse needs of our international congregation. The primary aim being to help build a virtual church. Thus, began the Cyber Church.


International Ministry

“The nations are coming!” – Pastor Jerome
The ministry of King’s Revival Church has witnessed a massive shift in receiving the enablement to spread forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout international borders. The vision given by the Lord to Pastor Jerome has indefinitely come to pass in terms of multitudes taking flights to Colombo either to receive healing for an incurable sickness or merely to partake in one of our services.


Pastor Jerome Fernando

Senior Pastor – King’s Revival Church

“My Life is My Message” – Pastor Jerome
From humble beginnings, chosen by the Lord at the young age of sixteen whilst representing Sri Lanka in cricket, Pastor Jerome Fernando, a husband to Melanie and father to his two daughters,Mikkela and Heavenya, has continued to work unhindered for the Lord amidst many setbacks.


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“To be a House of The Lord, sensitive to His leading and guiding, accomplishing the desires of His heart in watching over the poor and broken heated and leading them into the everlasting love of the Lord Jesus.”

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“To be a House of The Lord, sensitive to His leading and guiding, accomplishing the desires of His heart in watching over the poor and broken heated and leading them into the everlasting love of the Lord Jesus.”

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Get help where you need it most, and see what’s happening with Pastor Jerome Fernando


‘Pastor Jerome Ministers’

In Australia

Pastor Jerome is scheduled to visit Victoria, Australia this April and will minister at the Restore Community Church at the Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday Services on the 14th and 16th of April 2017. We encourage you to join Pastor Jerome on these days and receive your breakthrough in the name above all; Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


‘Pastor Jerome Ministers’

In Surrey, UK

On the 26th and 27th of February 2017 Pastor Jerome was given the honour to minister at Cornerstone The Church. It was three power packed services in which the Lord touched the lives of many, changing them and their families. We praise God for the mighty work He has begun in Surrey, UK.


‘The Nations Are Coming!’

Word of God via Inspiration TV

We have been blessed to be given the opportunity to spread the Word of God to the nations via Inspiration TV. Inspiration TV broadcasts to over 160 million households in 150 countries. Therefore beginning 31st March 2017, over 160 MILLION households will be able to hear the undiluted, undefiled Word of God preached by Pastor Jerome!

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KRC Cricket Tournament

Mona Fernando Trophy 2017

The annual Cricket tournament for the Mona Fernando Trophy held by and for the KRC family was certainly a time of fun and fellowship as the KRC family came together in enjoying the friendly competition of the ‘Gentleman’s Game’.




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The ‘Do-Nations’ concept was revealed to us through a beloved woman of God, a friend of the ministry, who once visited us. She looked at the ‘Donations’ box and said, ‘I see the word donations as ‘Do-Nations!’

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Prayer has proven to be a mighty weapon in the hands of a believer in order to bring healing, restoration, breakthrough and deliverance in the lives of many. We call these prayer warriors, ‘Change Agents’.

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Send your prayer request to us. We will pray for you.

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Featuring hundreds of praise reports and from segments such as Healing, Opportunity, Prophecy and Edification, the HOPE Magazine brings hope to the hopeless. The magazine stands as a testimonial of what the Lord has done through the ministry of KRC, and we rejoice at how this seemingly simple magazine has made a lasting impact of victory in the lives of many who have had the liberty of reading through it.

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Hope Magazine - 3rd Edition
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We would love to keep you up to date with what’s coming up in church life.


Pastor Jayalath & Wendy Fernando

Parents of the Ministry

Pastor Jayalath & Wendy Fernando

Parents of the ministry and of Pastor Jerome, Pastor Jayalath and Wendy are dearly loved, honoured and respected within the ministry of KRC. They are the very reason KRC Mount Lavinia began. The testimony they hold when heard, would leave any in awe. They humbly serve alongside Pastor Jerome and team in strengthening the foundation on which the ministry is primarily built on; the Word of God.

Pastor Neville Fernando

Senior Overseeing Pastor

Pastor Neville Fernando

Whilst being a spiritual father and uncle to Pastor Jerome, Pastor Neville has being faithful to the call of God, by leaving his place of residence for many years in Dubai and moving his wife and himself to Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has since been appointed the Senior Overseeing Pastor for the branch churches located from Wattala to Negombo.

Pastor Jude Samuel

Administrator and Associate Pastor

Pastor Jude Samuel

Known to be like another brother to Pastor Jerome, Pastor Jude has been instrumental in making sure that all services are conducted uninterrupted, be it Sunday Services, the Miracle Hour Services, or any other service organized by KRC. He has also been appointed as the Associate Pastor at the Negombo branch church.

Pastor Shekar Coomaraswamy

Associate Pastor

Pastor Shekar Coomaraswamy

A long standing man of God in the ministry of KRC, Pastor Shekar has contributed much to the growth and expansion of the ministry. One of his many roles in KRC includes being the Associate Pastor of the mother church, Mount Lavinia.





“To be a House of The Lord, sensitive to His leading and guiding, accomplishing the desires of His heart in watching over the poor and broken heated and leading them into the everlasting love of the Lord Jesus.”

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