Pastor Jerome Fernando

Senior Pastor

From humble beginnings, chosen by the Lord at the young age of sixteen whilst representing Sri Lanka in cricket, Pastor Jerome Fernando, a husband to Melanie and father to his two daughters, Mikkela and Heavenya, has continued to work unhindered for the Lord amidst many setbacks.

His ministry first started as a worship leader and it didn’t take too long for the Lord to appoint Pastor Jerome as the Senior Pastor of the English language ministry at King’s Revival Church – Mount Lavinia. Yet, it was at the least expected moment, when he had begun to thrive and be recognized in the garment industry in which he had made himself a career of, that the Lord would call him into full-time ministry. He often recalls how the Lord had spoken to him and given him the unction and option to ‘step into the ship or the ship will take sail without him’. It was at this point that Pastor Jerome decided to ‘take a leap of faith’ and step into full-time ministry.

Ever since that moment, the Lord has relentlessly worked through his son, Pastor Jerome, in changing countless of lives both locally in Sri Lanka and internationally around the globe. The Lord has also given Pastor Jerome the honor to be the first Pastor in Sri Lanka to step into the international platform via God TV.

We praise and give glory to the Lord Who continues to work signs, wonders and miracles through this ministry which in turn continues to change spiritual atmospheres, bringing victory in defeat, joy in sadness, forgiveness where there is unforgiveness, and life over death, regardless of ethnicity, race, or culture, bringing thousands into eternal life in Christ Jesus.

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